Rose Jade, LMT, LCSW

Licensed Massage Therapist

Newport - Agate Beach - Oregon

(541) 961-8423




Licensed Massage Therapy (LMT) Services

(541) 961-8423
Looking for a quiet massage by the beach? 
Heated massage table and cotton sheets?

Organic massage oil?
No spa chatter or fumes?

A massage therapist who will focus on your massage, not on conversation? 
Your search is over!

I am a nationally certified and state licensed massage therapist.  I offer a wide variety of massage therapies, including deep tissue, Swedish, relaxation, pregnancy, or to help with medical conditions such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. During your massage, I do prefer to keep conversation to a minimum, so that you can relax and I can focus on giving you the massage you want. My goal is for you to receive a great massage.

Call or text (541) 961-8423 for an appointment.
Open most days, including holidays.
Earliest appointment: 8:00 a.m. 
Latest appointment: 8:00 p.m.
Session length:  60-75-90 minutes
Location: Agate Beach - Newport - Oregon

I provide massage on a deluxe massage table: the table can be raised or lowered anytime. I can work safely (ergonomically) and you can easily and more safely get on and off of the table.

I usually do no more than three massages a day. By limiting the number of massages I do, I stay enthusiastic about the work, avoid fatigue and burn-out, and you receive a better massage.

I offer a Time Of Service (TOS) discount to clients who pay in full at the time of massage. A 60-minute massage, with the TOS discount, is $70 (cash or check, I do not accept credit cards).

I will always offer you a receipt -- one detailed enough for you submit to your insurance or employer for reimbursement. As a central coast provider, I welcome Samaritan Wellness clients!

If needed, and if pre-approved, I offer insurance billing. I'm on the panel for Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield. If you would like me to bill your insurance, check with them first, and if required, please provide me a copy of your referral/prescription from your primary care provider.  I will need your insurance information at least 2 business days before your appointment. You will need to bring your insurance card with you, and be prepared to fill out extra paperwork when you arrive (e.g., if you are receiving massage therapy after a motor vehicle accident). There is no TOS discount if I am to bill your insurance company. 

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy.  So please remember to call and reschedule if you need to, at least 24 hours before your appointment, otherwise you are still responsible for the session payment. Insurance companies do not cover missed appointments.

Please note that at this time, I do not have the space or additional staff to provide couples' massage.

People often ask if I will travel to where the client is. I will consider doing this, but I charge extra for it.  In addition to the massage itself, I charge for the time I spend packing/unpacking (e.g., my portable massage table and supplies -- unless you happen to have these at your location), time spent driving, and  for my mileage. The minimum charge is an additional $75).  Call or text for more information: (541) 961-8423.

There are a wide variety of talented professionals on the Oregon Coast. Take your time choosing who to work with. Enjoy!