Rose Jade, LMT, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Massage Therapist

Newport - Agate Beach - Oregon

(541) 961-8423 (no texting)




Note: Yes, I am both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Massage Therapist... Please know that I do not mix services within a single session.


Looking for a quiet, soothing massage by the beach? A heated massage table? Organic massage oil and cotton sheets?  Free from spa/salon fumes and chatter?  A massage therapist who focuses on your massage, not on talk?

I specialize in quiet (non-talking) massage and offer a variety of modalities, including trigger point, swedish, sports, pregnancy, fibromyalgia, stress relief and...just for pure relaxation ...because massage feels great!

Open most days. Newport - Agate Beach - Oregon.

Insurance billing (if pre-approved) e.g., motor vehicle accidents.

I will always provide you with a receipt if you need to document your payment.

Time of Service discount available to all customers (paying at the time of service by cash/check).

Session length 60-90 minutes. 

By Appointment Only.

State Lic. #14673

Newport business license #6201

(541) 961-8423 (no texting)


Confidential talk therapy with an experienced clinician. Specialty areas include planning and coping with major life transitions, grief work, and relationship issues.  My practice interests include interpersonal neurobiology, existential therapy, attachment theory, polyvagal theory (Steve Porges), and Jaak Panksepp's work, among others. I am also experienced in providing services in home health and hospice environments.

My LCSW office is located in SeaTowne, in Newport.  Brief or longer-term therapy services available. Screening intake required (to check for conflicts, explain limits on confidentiality, and explore goals).

Session length: 1-2 hours.

By Appointment Only. 

State Lic. #L6109

Newport business license #5308

(541) 961-8423 (no texting)

See my profile at Psychology Today.

A little more about Rose Jade:

I have a B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Course VII, Biology), a J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law (I am also a licensed attorney but currently not practicing law), and an M.S.W. from Portland State University.  I studied massage at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, and have studied human anatomy with Gil Hedley. I have had a variety of careers...and very much enjoy the two professions I currently practice.  I also enjoy writing, hiking (I trekked in the Himalaya in 2013), and playing piano.

People often call and ask if I will travel to where the client is. I will consider doing this, but I charge extra for it.  For massage, because this involves much extra work for me, I charge additionally for my packing/unpacking (e.g., my massage table and supplies -- unless you happen to have these at your location) and for my driving time, plus mileage (a minimum of an additional $75).  For social work, I charge additionally for driving time and mileage (the amount varies).

There are a wide variety of talented professionals on the Oregon Coast. Take your time choosing who to work with.