Rose Jade, LMT, LCSW

Licensed Massage Therapist

Newport - Agate Beach - Oregon

(541) 961-8423 (no texting)




Licensed Massage Therapy (LMT) Services

(541) 961-8423 (no texting)
Looking for a quiet massage by the beach? 
Heated massage table and cotton sheets?

Organic massage oil?
No spa chatter or fumes? 
A massage therapist who will focus on your massage, not on conversation? 
Your search is over!

I am a nationally certified and state licensed massage therapist.  I offer a wide variety of massage therapies, including sports massage, deep tissue, Swedish, relaxation, pregnancy, or to help with medical conditions such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. During your massage, I do prefer to keep conversation to a minimum, so that you can relax and I can focus on giving you the massage you want. My goal is for you to receive a great massage.

Call (541) 961-8423 for an appointment (sorry, no texting)
Open most days
Earliest appointment: 8:00 a.m. 
Latest appointment: 8:00 p.m.
Session length:  60-90 minutes
Location: Agate Beach - Newport - Oregon

Book ahead (especially for the weekend)... It gets busy!

I offer a Time Of Service (TOS) discount to clients who pay in full at the time of massage. A 60-minute massage, with the TOS discount, is $70 (cash or check, no credit cards). I will always offer you a receipt -- one detailed enough for you submit to your insurance or employer for reimbursement.

If needed, and if pre-approved, I offer insurance billing.  You must call ahead and give me the insurance information at least 2 business days before your appointment, bring your insurance info with you, and be prepared to fill out extra paperwork when you arrive (e.g., if you are receiving massage therapy after a motor vehicle accident). There is no TOS discount if I am to bill your insurance company.

People often ask if I will travel to where the client is. I will consider doing this, but I charge extra for it.  In addition to the massage itself, I charge for the time I spend packing/unpacking (e.g., my massage table and supplies -- unless you happen to have these at your location) for driving and  for my mileage (a minimum of an additional $75).  Call for more information: (541) 961-8423 (no texting).

There are a wide variety of talented professionals on the Oregon Coast. Take your time choosing who to work with. Enjoy!